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The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel
Now helping preserve the Maa Language

The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel: An Ancient Maasai Folktale in Print
Now Available in two formats

1. Maa (the indigenous language of the Maasai) + English
2. Swahili + English

MCEP has released The Lion, The Ostrich and The Squirrel, an ancient Maasai folktale, in the form of a children’s coloring book. This folktale, illustrated by Bucks artist Pat Achilles, is available in two formats, English and Maa or English and Swahili.

In an effort to preserve the Maasai mother tongue, which is not taught in Kenyan schools, Daniel Salau Rogei translated the folktale into Maa which we incorporated into a Maa/English edition.

Besides being available for schools in America, Maasai children across Kenyan primary schools will read this very old story.The Lion, the Ostrich and the Squirrel may be purchased for $10.
Proceeds benefit the Maasai Education Fund.

To place an order, please contact MCEP at email