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Mailing Address: 4391 Mechanicsville Rd. Doylestown, PA 18902 USA

Tax-deductible Donations to MCEP

Tax-deductible Donations to MCEP

Donations to MCEP Provide On-going Projects in Education and Water Development

Donations to MCEP provide on-going projects in education and water development. We look back with both gratitude and pride for the support of our local community in funding projects for our Maasai friends.

We are happy to report that our 7th well is now completed. Many miles of pipeline have been laid to transport water to schools, churches and infirmaries. Also funded were cisterns for water storage and greenhouses to grow vegetables increasing sustainable food sources for people and livestock.

Our ultimate goal is to help raise funds for a total of ten wells shared by 5,000 Maasai. Additional pipeline and cisterns to transport and store clean water, and greenhouses located near the wells with drip irrigation will help provide sustainable food projects. 

Administration of student scholarships also remains a priority. Your financial help is so critical to the future of the Maasai and we hope that you will be able to continue supporting us with your donation for 2013. Several choices are available for donations (see below). To varying extent, all funds help Maasai women gain independence from the difficult daily chore of providing water for their families.

Unless specified your donation will be applied toward our general fund, however you may designate your gift to a specific category. For full descriptions of the MCEP project areas, please visit the individual pages describing each, Education and Water.

Education Fund

$150—One year sponsorship of a primary school student

$700—One year for a high school student’s tuition and boarding

$3500—Per semester for a college student 

Water Fund

$40,000 per well includes permits, drilling, generator, pump and cistern

$13,000—Greenhouse (covers approximately one-quarter acre)

$21,000 per mile of galvanized pipeline (for above ground areas)

OR PVC pipelines for underground areas at $1,000 per quarter mile, $2,000 at 1/2 mile or $4,000 at one mile

$120, $300 and $500—Cisterns

Please send your donation to: MCEP

4391 Mechanicsville Road, Doylestown, PA 18902


Phyllis Eckelmeyer

Executive Director, MCEP

Thank you for your continuing support of the Maasai Cultural Exchange Project

Donations are tax exempt, MCEP is a 501(c)(3) charity.